Report: SNL Boss Lorne Michaels Sending Pete Davidson To Get Help Amid Suicide Fears

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 12:47pm PDT       By X17 Staff

We're glad people are being proactive about this.

SNL boss Lorne Michaels has decided to pull Pete Davidson from the show temporarily so that he can seek treatment for his suicidal thoughts, Page Six reports.

"The decision was taken to give Pete a break on Saturday night – his sketches were dropped before the early evening rehearsals. Lorne has pledged to help all he can, including sending Pete to get help. Everyone on the cast is hugely protective of him and were obviously upset — particularly Colin Jost and Michael Che on ‘Weekend Update,’” a source told the outlet.

It's believed that the comedian will return to the show after the new year, hopefully in a better frame of mind.

His ex Ariana Grande is trying to stay strong amid all his troubles, but the attention it's getting has become overwhelming for her.

"She is at wit’s end with all of this and is so emotional right now. She hasn’t gone on social media and is trying to just do her best and not think about it. Everywhere she goes people are asking her, ‘How is Pete? Have you talked to Pete?’ It is just really unfair to her because the two of them ended their relationship," another insider told Radar.

"They both decided it was for the best, and now he is pulling up all this trying to get her to save him. She can’t save him — only he can save himself at this point," the source added.

We hope this doesn't have a tragic ending.


Kylie Says Becoming A Mom To Daughter Stormi Made 2018 Her Best Year Yet

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 12:15pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Has she ever had a bad year in her life?

Kylie Jenner was in a pensive mood yesterday, and she felt obligated to thank her fans for all their support this last year as she became a mother.

"Just thinking about how much i love each and every one of you. thank you for all the love and support this year. 2018 has been unforgettable thanks to you.. and having Stormi of course has made it the best. i can’t wait for 2019💋," she captioned a photo of herself and her little girl.

Not only does she have an adorable baby and a rock solid relationship with boyfriend Travis Scott, but she also has a ton of money!

The LipKit queen just tied with Jay-Z on Forbes' Top 10 of America's Wealthiest Celebrities in 2018 list. They both came in with a net worth of over $900 million!

Ahead of them were George Lucas ($5.4 billion) followed by Steven Spielberg ($3.7 billion), Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion) and Michael Jordan ($1.7 billion). That's some impressive company!

Her life is one big fairytale!


Former RHOC Star Gretchen Rossi And Longtime Boyfriend Slade Smiley Expecting A Baby

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 11:15am PDT       By X17 Staff

It's been a long road!

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi, 41, and her longtime boyfriend Slade Smiley are expecting their first child, after a four year IVF ordeal.

"It’s pretty exciting that we have our little Christmas miracle,” the blonde reality star told People after making the announcement on The Doctors.

“It’s been a little bit harder than I definitely anticipated. I think they lie to you when they tell you you’re gonna get morning sickness. They lie to you — it’s all day sickness! But the good news is that my doctor told me that’s actually a good sign," the Bravolebrity explained of her pregnancy symptoms.

The engaged couple, who have been together for 10 years, had to undergo IVF, as Smiley had already gotten a vasectomy.

"We knew that we had to go through IVF in order to get pregnant. We went through a round of IVF and in that round we had 14 embryos that came out of that. We were so excited and just beyond ecstatic about the results. Then a doctor called saying that all of the embryos had arrested and basically died," she revealed.

"We were just beyond devastated. I couldn’t even get out of bed because you just go from such a high thinking within the next 24 hours you were going to be pregnant to losing everything and losing 14 embryos. That was really, really hard for me and Slade to come out of that," she added.

The loss led to a mental health crisis for the handbag line designer.

"I was in a deep depression after that. I’ve never really suffered through that or been in that circumstance before. We all get sad at times, but I really went into a depression and I couldn’t even think about or talk about IVF or trying to get pregnant again because physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, it just breaks you," she admitted.

After going through another round of IVF, they managed to get two viable embryos, but that was their last shot at parenthood.

"I was scared. I was a 40-year-old woman going back in to try IVF. We went through two more rounds of IVF and we did not have the same amount of eggs and the same amount of embryos as we did the first round four years earlier. It was scary to sit there and think, ‘Oh my gosh, I retrieved 10 eggs.’ But out of 10 eggs, you only got one good embryo — one genetically sound embryo. And then the second round, the same thing happened. We only got two genetically sound embryos out of all of our rounds, so it was very nerve-racking going into this implantation because it was like, you only get two shots at this," she said.

Rossi is ten weeks along and due July 2019.

Congrats guys!


Meghan Markle Says She's "Very Pregnant" Amid Rumors She's Due Sooner Than Expected

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 10:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

We can see that!

Meghan Markle made a solo appearance today at the Brinsworth House, a residential nursing and care home for British entertainers run by the Royal Variety Charity, and she proudly flaunted her growing baby bump in a tight floral Brock Collection dress.

One of the elderly residents asked the royal how she was feeling, and she said "very good" and "very pregnant!" Speculation is running wild that she's either due way before her spring 2019 due date, or she's having twins because of the size of her belly.

It's getting harder to keep up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex than it is to keep up with the Kardashians these days!

The American beauty's dad Thomas won't stop giving interviews about their estrangement, and now Kensington Palace is said to be in "crisis talks" about how to handle the situation. Not only that, but the rumor mill has been running wild with reports that Meghan and sister-in-law Kate Middleton are feuding, and it's causing a rift between their husbands.

One piece of happy news? Meghan and Harry are reportedly in the "early stages" of planning a trip to the US after the baby is born! The former actress was born and raised in LA, so it's only natural she'd want to take her first child back to her hometown.

Can you imagine sitting next to the royal baby at Sugarfish?


Kim Zolciak's Fans Beg Her To Stop Getting Lip Injections

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 9:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

I’m so ready for 2019! 🔥

A post shared by Kim Zolciak-Biermann (@kimzolciakbiermann) on

Nobody's diggin' the trout pout!

Kim Zolciak took to Instagram to share a series of selfies the other day, but she didn't get the reaction she was probably going for, as her fans began begging her to stop getting lip injections!

"You don't even look real anymore. Much prettier before all this surgery," one user wrote. "She looks insane! Why on Earth is nobody telling her this isn't a good look?" another added.

The Don't Be Tardy star seems to have passed down her love for a plump pucker to daughter Brielle, because her lips are even bigger!

"Social media can seriously harm your mental health... stop comparing yourself to a lot of these unrealistic illusions that people create to make you think their life is perfect. No such thing as a life that’s better than yours!" she captioned the below snapshot.

We say lay off these ladies and let them do what they want!


Kim K Flaunts Her Abs For A Sushi Dinner

Posted on Tue Dec 18th, 2018 8:10am PDT       By X17 Staff

Can you imagine having to put together full looks just to leave your house?!

Kim Kardashian was giving off I Dream of Genie mixed with businesswoman vibes last night for a sushi dinner with friends, and we can't even imagine how much time she spends curating her wardrobe. She looks amazing, though! The only thing that doesn't? She forgot to spray tan her stomach!

Earlier in the day, the reality star almost bared all during fittings in a sparkly sheer dress. Where is she planning on wearing this we wonder? It definitely looks like a red carpet moment, so maybe it's for the Grammys?

Her daughter North is learning the tricks of the family trade from her famous mom, too! The 5-year-old recently asked to take part in Kimmy K's photoshoot, and KKW shared some of those pics on social media.

It might be good if she taught her kids that image isn't the most important thing in life!


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Justin Bieber Does Some Soul Searching With His Pastor's New Book

Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 12:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

You can't pay for this kind of publicity!

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share a screenshot of his pastor Judah Smith's new religious book "How's Your Soul," and the singer has 130 million followers that probably jumped on Amazon to score their own copy.

The book promises to "explore what it looks like to cultivate a healthy soul in the midst of a busy life and points readers to the soul's only true home and place of rest and fulfillment: God," according to its description.

The "Sorry" crooner has been focusing on his faith this past year while taking a break from music, but he recently hinted that he's going to hit the recording studio and come out with some new tunes sooner than we think.

In other JB news, a new report claims he's in regular contact with ex Selena Gomez as he's concerned about her mental health.

"Turns out that Justin Bieber is still contacting Selena. It's not as shady as it seems because he's actually just really worried about her mental health after her breakdown, where she entered a rehab center. She's now out and things are looking good. He's still really concerned for her," a source told The Herald Sun.

We doubt his wife Hailey Baldwin would be cool with him being in constant communication with his ex, but who knows!


Khloe Claps Back At Commenter Who Says Chicago Isn't Kim K's Biological Child

Posted on Mon Dec 17th, 2018 11:30am PDT       By X17 Staff

Don't come for her family or you're going to get burned!

Khloe Kardashian wasn't going to let one silly Instagram commenter start rumors about her niece Chicago West, so she switched into auntie bear mode and let 'em have it!

"Omg Chicago would either look MORE like Kanye or the surrogate mother," the commenter wrote on a side-by-side snapshot mom Kim Kardashian shared.

That's when Khlo stepped in.

"If you don’t really know about someone’s situation then maybe you should not comment. Try informing yourself first before you make such silly statements doll. Your passive wanna be petty comment is simply uneducated. Chicago is completely Kimberly’s biological child. Praise the lord she was able to have a surrogate and that we are blessed with sweet gorgeous Chi Chi," the Revenge Body star responded.

"I am saying you must be more informed before speaking on something that you don’t know anything about apparently. Chicago is Kimberly’s DNA. Her and her husband made embryos and then they were blessed enough to have a surrogate carry their child for them since Kimberly is unable to. God bless modern medicine," she added.

The troll eventually apologized and said the 11-month-old was "beautiful."

We love her fierce protectiveness!


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