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Jennifer Aniston May Have Just Squashed A Few Marriage Rumors

August 31, 2006... Remember a few weeks ago when Jennifer Aniston's publicist had to make a big public stink about how his client and Vince Vaught weren't actually engaged? You think maybe he wishes he could just call a big press conference, hold...
Jessica Alba Walks Her Dog, Is Unbearably Hot

Jessica Alba Walks Her Dog, Is Unbearably Hot

August 31, 2006... From the emptiness of the part of the Hollywood Hills where she elected to take her dog for a walk, it looks like Jessica Alba's taking full advantage of the whole city being out of town for the VMAs -...

Kevin Federline Is The Picture Of Confidence

August 24, 2006... Does this look like the expression of a man pleased with himself after the Teen Choice Awards? Well, K-Fed would beg to differ - he told our photograhers he was happy with his performance of "Lose Control" right before climbing...
Melanie Griffith Is Stunting Her Daughter's Education

Melanie Griffith Is Stunting Her Daughter's Education

August 22, 2006... I can't speak for the rest of you, but I certainly learned some life lessons back when I had to sneak around behind my parents' backs to drink or smoke. I mean, there are some things that just can't...

Jennifer Aniston Chooses A Stranger's Hands On Her Body Over a Photo!

August 19, 2006... Granted, if you looked like Aniston, you might make the same choice, but I still think it's strange that when confronted with the decision of being manhandled by a stranger and having your picture taken, Jennifer chose the former....

Place The Face

August 08, 2006... You're looking at the current holder of the title of "best legs in Hollywood" (seriously, they took a poll and everything) - but who could it be? The answer's after the jump...
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Will Khloe Dump Tristan For Cheating?
Will Khloe Dump Tristan For Cheating?
No - she'll forgive him for the sake of the baby.
Yes - she can't stay with him after being publicly humiliated.