Paris and the estranged Mrs. Travis Barker gave Hyde patrons some entertainment last night when Shanna reportedly punched Paris in the face!


Our spies inside say it all started around 1:30 am when, after a night of abuse at the hands of Shanna, Paris finally dumped a drink on her! Then Shanna decided to respond with a right jab which sent Paris straight to the police station to file a report. Shanna has reportedly filed a report as well.


Might this have something to do with Paris' kissy-kissy with Shanna's estranged hubby Travis just a few weeks ago? X17 brought you the first exclusive pic of them kissing at the very same club, Hyde, on September 8.

Pissed shanna100306_kiss.jpg

Paris' spokesperson Elliot Mintz called our photog after the event went down, asking if we have video from inside the club of the whole incident (we wish!) and then he talked to X17 on camera about the incident and we'll be bringing you that tape as well as other footage of the event as soon as we get it back here at the office! This all went down just a few hours ago ...