Angelina Jolie AJOLIEBOOK101106_01.jpgWe got a little curious as to which book Angelina Jolie happened to be reading yesterday - as deadly serious as she and Brad seem to take everything, somehow it seemed rather improbable that we'd catch her thumbing through a Grisham! And, true to form, Angie didn't disappoint - check out Amazon's description of Roy Gutman, Anthony Dworkin, and David Rieff's Crimes of War:

More than 140 distinguished experts from the media, military, law, and human rights groups examine recent conflicts in light of international humanitarian law, including: Afghanistan (Patricia Gossman), the Congo (Gerard Prunier), terrorism (Anthony Dworkin), Guantánamo (Mark Huband), Darfur (John Prendergast and Colin Thomas-Jensen), occupation (George Packer), independent contractors (Peter Singer), war and insurgency (John Burns), and detention and interrogation (Dana Priest). Christiane Amanpour writes on Bosnian paramilitaries, Jeremy Bowen on Chechnya, and Gwynne Roberts on Saddam Hussein. Through case studies, definitions of key terms, and explanations of what is legal and what is not—illuminated by 150 stunning duotone photographs—Crimes of War reveals what every citizen should know about war and the law.