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She may not have won an award - or even performed - but Paris definitely threw the biggest party of the night! Everyone from Britney Spears to actual AMA winner Sean Paul to Suge Knight was there!

New BFF Britney looked a little dazed when she arrived (by the million flashbulbs or was she celebrating her newfound freedom?), wearing a cute "Little Miss Sunshine" T-shirt. She musta changed clothes at Paris' house, though, cause when she left, she was wearing this craziness! It's nice to see Brit back on the scene showing off her toned tummy, but doesn't she look a little bit like a reject from Aladdin? (BTW, we have more EXCLUSIVE video of Britney coming your way, so stay tuned.)

Dave Navarro, Ashlee Simpson and Flavor Flav made an appearance (where was Deelishis?), Nick Cannon and gf Kim Kardashian left early (as did Chelsea Handler), but Britney, Suge Knight and Ashlee partied on til 3:30 in the morning!