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X17 has been chronicaling the breakdown of Britney and Kevin's relationship for two years and recently we predicted the end was coming soon! Here's a rundown of Britney and Kevin's terrible month of October, leading up to the announcement of Britney's filing for divorce yesterday:

  • Sept. 30 - Kevin gambling at the Venetian in Vegas

  • Oct. 1 - two girls escorted up to Kevin's Vegas hotel room by his bodyguard

  • Oct. 2 - Kevin still partying in Vegas

  • Oct. 8 - Kevin spends the entire week sleeping at the San Fernando apartment building, 30 miles from Britney, where his friends live and where we believe he has his own apartment

  • Oct. 10 - Kevin lunched with friends at Casa Vega in the Valley -- wouldn't answer questions about Britney

  • Oct. 11 - Kevin's at launch party for Five Star Denim at Kitson, flirting with a mystery blond

  • Oct. 15 - Britney steps out in public for the first time since Jayden's birth and X17 brings it to you Exclusive!
  • Oct. 17 - Britney leaves for Vegas and dines at Tao

  • Oct. 18 - Kevin spent the next four nights going out to clubs Les Deux, Element, and Area, twice with the boys, one night with girls too

  • Oct. 24 - Britney checks in to the Bel Air Hotel for the day and spends the night at her mom's LA house (she arrived at 11 pm and left at 7 am with both the kids)

  • Oct. 25 - Kevin goes shopping with a friend in Venice and returns to the Valley apartment building in his Ferrari

  • Oct. 29 - during this weekend, Britney went go-karting with her sister and her sister's boyfriend; Kevin is seen at the couple's Malibu house, entering and exiting quickly - spending no more than two hours there

  • Oct. 30 - Kevin went to visit his children with Shar Jackson at Shar's O.C. house

  • Oct. 31 - Halloween - Kevin's record release and West Hollywood performance - Britney attended the event (arriving without Kevin) and eyewitnesses say the couple seemed to be fighting and distant that night; Britney appeared upset