We got a little curious when we spotted Britney leaving Paris Hilton's party on Wednesday night with a new guy hanging all over her - so we decided to follow the story as far as we could. We still don't have an name to put with the mystery man's face, but we can confirm the following things:

1. It's NOT the bodyguard she was with in October, as some of our readers suggested

Britney Spears britguys.jpg

2. Whoever this guy is, he sure wasn't hanging around with Britney before Paris' party - as we've thoroughly documented this week, we were with her the whole night, and we never spotted him before we caught him staggering out of Paris' house with his arms around the blonde bombshell!
3. Wednesday, the day after Paris' party where we first spotted them together, we caught them shopping for baby supplies at The Right Start in Santa Monica. They were both wearing the same clothes as they wore the night before (Britney was wearing the outfit she wore to the Chateau Marmont).
4. X17 can report exclusively that Britney and her mystery man went to Koo Koo Roo!
5. The two returned to a friend's pad where Britney was staying (hence her emergency purchases at The Right Start) since she didn't want to stay in the Malibu home she used to share with Kevin. Meanwhile, we spotted Kevin going to the house to pick up some of his things to take to his Valley apartment before heading out to the HOB for his gig.

Has Britney already found a replacement for K-Fed? Or is she just trying to find the new Perry Taylor?