VBECKHAMPARTY060305_01.jpgToday, David Beckham's camp confirmed that the soccer superstar and his family will be coming stateside! Beckham will be joining the ranks of the Los Angeles Galaxy following the conclusion of Real Madrid's season; wife Victoria, in the meantime, will be joining the ranks of Hollywood's most exclusive social circles (Katie Holmes is an old pal).
Soccer's still a niche sport in terms of the American sports consciousness (to the point where we're practically the only country on the planet not calling it "football"), but if anyone can help break the Beautiful Game stateside, it's this beautiful couple!

VBECKHAMPARTY060305_13.jpgDavid can certainly dress well enough to keep up with the Pitts and the Clooneys...

VBECKHAM051705_11.jpg...and he's not even the best dresser in the family!

Victoria Beckham BECKHAMS072406_001.jpgFinally, a chance to shine in L.A.