Brody Jenner brodynicoleeating.jpgBrody Jenner is spilling his guts about his insidious plot to become "Dirty Famous" by tying himself to various reality stars (like Nicole, LB's Kristin Cavallari and The Hills' Lauren Conrad) whose own fame verges on the edges of the B and C Lists (you know, the famous for being famous kind?) Brody and his best bro Spencer (aka the bad boy from this season of The Hills) claim they hatched the plot to make Brody famous for getting Nicole to chow down last summer, just weeks before Brody did, in fact, start dating the dangerously thin star - and in looking through our archives, it seems that we can't even find one picture of Nicole and Brody where they're not eating together!!! After Nicole moved on (amazing how love was all she needed to start looking healthier), Brody quickly made his way to Lauren Conrad (this was after Kristin, BTW), and if the previews of the next week of the The Hills are to be believed, looks like he's going to try to make his way down the R-girl list! Whether you think his plan is brilliant (cause we're talking about him) or disgusting, it's definitely a ballsy move to admit! Is the joke on him or us?