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Here's part two of our coverage of Patrick Whitesell's big Oscar bash! We not only had our camera outisde the party to catch everyone's comings and goings, but we also had a source inside the party to give us the inside scoop: Vince Vaughn showed up "drunk as a skunk". Paris was "wasted", getting into a verbal argument first with some girl, then with Stavros, who kept trying to escape. In fact, you can see Stavros flirting with some blonde girl at the end of the video, is that what Paris was so pissed about??? Sean Penn hung with Kid Rock the whole night (kind of an odd couple, but ok). Martin Scorsese (who was mobbed by fans and photogs when he left) and Forest Whitaker showed off their Oscars, Jamie Foxx rolled in a white Bentley, Naomi Campbell partied with Kimora Lee Simmons, and Rosario Dawson, Ali Larter, Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Trachtenberg all looked gorgeous!