Paris Hilton PHILTONKICKEDOUT021107_01.jpgMost parties would be happy to see Paris Hilton show up - I mean, that's about as clear a seal of approval as you're going to get in the celebosphere, right? Well, apparently she's more welcome at some parties than others!

Our photographers were working the Sony/BMG party at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night when they caught wind of a scuffle brewing between the hotel's security staff and those hired for the industry shindig. The cause of all the commotion? Why, the presence of one Paris Whitney Hilton (and her date Stavros Niarchos), of course - apparently the heiress ran afoul of hotel security in the past and isn't allowed on the premises any longer. So naturally, they were a little distressed to see her walk through the doors and head straight for the bar to double-fist a shot and a cocktail and had her kicked out immediately!

We've requested a comment from Paris' representative Elliot Mintz - in the meantime, what do you think?