Britney Spears BSPEARSDOG022107_4.jpg

I don't know what she did in less than 24 hours in rehab, but I think Britney looks great! I know it's a wig and it's a bit funny (believe me, the girl has a great sense of humor and the wig isn't meant to be serious), but all in all she look strong. She's got her doggy back (not sure where the kids are) and she's got her sexy legs and smile. I think this girl just isn't made for rehab -- she'll find another way to get her life straight and we're confident she can do it! If she can feel all the love her fans have been sending (much of it through us!), I'm sure she'll realize there are lots of people supporting her and wishing her well. We love you, Brit! What's next?

video coming soon ...