PHILTONARREST090706_1sus.jpgParis' September arrest for DUI

PHILTONPOLICE022707sus_2.jpgParis' run-in the night of February 28

Paris Hilton PHiltonPure032507_01arrest.jpgPracticing for a little behind-bars action?

The AP (via MSNBC) are reporting that Paris Hilton could have her probation revoked, meaning the Hilton girl could end up behind bars! If she's found to have gotten behind the wheel of a car while her license was suspended, that would violate the conditions of her previous sentence for reckless driving. She could face up to 90 days in the slammer -- a hearing is scheduled for April 17.

After her September 7 arrest (above photo) on suspicion of DUI, Paris claimed no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving and got 36 months probation and $1500 in fines. Then she got pulled over on Sunset Blvd on February 28 (above photo) when she was driving without lights. She was ticketed for the misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license.

Now the girl's in a heap o' trouble and I'm thinking with Nicole Richie's penchant for driving the wrong way on the freeway, these two could do "Simple Life: Behind Bars" -- I'd watch!