LYNNESPEARS022807_01.jpglspearsSI_0458.jpgkfedSI_0483.jpgBritney Spears pizza_SI_0426.jpgKevin appears to have full custody of the kids now that Britney's in rehab. Taking care of two small kids is no easy feat (especially Jayden, who's only 5 months old), but Kevin's got plenty of assistants, nannies and bodyguards (not to mention pizza deliveries!) to help out. And, of course, there's Grandma Spears (that's her in the brand new black convertible Mercedes), who's staying in Malibu, but visits her grandsons (whom we haven't seen leave the house since they arrived) every afternoon for several hours. As we reported before, it was rumored that Kevin and Lynne struck an alliance in order to urge Britney to get the help for herself that she needed...and it seems to be working! Britney appears to be happier since she entered Promises, and has even made a friend there, a girl her own age that she's frequently seen talking and sharing a smoke with. There have been no documented visits from K-Fed and the kids since we last reported, but it seems that Kevin is committed to giving the kids a good environment (he's only left them a couple of times briefly to go on meetings) while they wait for their mom to get better.