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Paris Hilton PHILTONSERIOUS022807_05.jpgThe most interesting days on this job always tend to be the ones immediately after Paris Hilton somehow gets herself in trouble - simply because nobody on earth is better at getting themselves out of it! Tuesday night, for instance, Paris had her sickeningly awesome Bentley impounded by the cops after driving with a suspended license, much to the apparent delight of %95 of the internet. So how do we catch her the next day?

1. Getting into the passenger's seat of a car
2. Making sure to say absolutely nothing scandalous to any of the paparazzi
3. Leaving the McLaren (how's that for a backup car?) parked conspicuously out in front of her house
4. Walking around with all the grace and poise of a model
5. Wearing red, white, and blue

Say what you will about the girl, but she's second to none when it comes to responding to criticism!