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MMCCONAUGHEYSURFING0421_01.jpgMMCCONAUGHEYSURFING0421_02.jpgMatthew McConaughey MMCCONAUGHEYSURFING0421_07.jpg...Would be like a summer without sun! Thank goodness we won't have to go without either, I think it's going to be a loong, hooot summer on the beach with our favorite trailer-park stud. Yesterday Matthew showed off his technique and his physique while riding the waves in the 'bu. After a day of fun in the sun, Matthew stripped out of his wetsuit on the side of the road -- Unfortch, he had a towel covering his naughty bits, but he's got to leave something to the imagination...I guess!

Check out the video to see what OTHER outdoor activity Matthew likes to vigorously engage in...