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MLOPEZELENA040207_01.jpgMLOPEZELENA040207_06.jpgMario Lopez MLOPEZELENA040207_10.jpgDespite Karina's reluctance to admit it in the video and despite the fact that they were careful not to be photographed together entering Parc, it's getting harder and harder for the couple that placed second in last season's DWTS to deny that they are, in fact, a couple! After another great performance from Karina last night (was Mario in the audience? I didn't see him!), Mario took Karina and Elena out on the town to celebrate! The big spender treated them to some mysterious beverages in red cups (?) in his car before they hit Hollywood's newest hot-spot.

What did you think of the show last night? Billy Ray and Shandi definitely looked more improved, so I think it might be Leeza going home tonight!