277958.jpgReality TV michaeljusting.jpgUnless you've had your head in the sand for the last several weeks, you know that Sanjaya Fever has swept the nation. Love him or hate him, Sanjaya has become a phenomenon, and earlier this month, he even topped faves Harry Potter and Justin Timberlake in most searches on the web! Watching him perform last night, I was reminded of a young Michael Jackson, WITHOUT THE TALENT, of course. Maybe it's the slightly effeminate look, maybe it's the Thriller-era peach fuzz on his upper lip, but something about him was very remniscent of the King of Pop. Do you think America's fascination with Sanjaya will go the way of former Idol wannabes like Justin Guarini and William Hung, and fade as soon as the season ends? Or will the Sanjaya Fanjayas keep him in the music scene long after the show is over?