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...Courtney Love was making a new friend! We spotted the Hole-y terror gliding out of Hyde in the company of none other than Lily Allen (who seems much more at ease with the paparazzi than when we last caught her). Given the brash young Brit's tendencies (remember the fight she picked with Amy Winehouse?), we think it's a match made in heaven - well, until they turn on each other, that is!

But Courtney and Lily weren't the only celebs out on the town last night - we also noticed Rumer Willis at Teddy's and Parc, a Mischa-less Cisco Adler at Hyde, and both mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the dynamic duo of Djimon Honsou and Kimora Lee Simmons dining at Mr. Chow's. And believe it or not, there were others too - we're saving last night's most uproarious encounter for its own post!