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Britney Spears BSpearsSpeech041307_1.jpg

So here's the third clip in our Britney series from last night. In this video, Brit heads home for the night and our photographers desperately try to do what all of your Britney fans have been asking of us -- to ask her when we'll hear new music from our favorite star!

Try as they might, our photographers didn't get much out of Britney regarding her career but we'll keep working on it! Our photog Sandro who got to meet Britney personally, made sure to tell Britney how much email and how many messages we've received from her fans, asking us to convey their love to her and he did! You'll see that Britney thanks her fans at the beginning of her "speech" -- you all mean a lot to her!

Final installment coming later -- Britney hit the town last night after midnight and X17 was there!