reality.jpgEvery year television churns out more Survivors, Idols, Next Top Models and Beach Babes, and it seems like every year, these reality stars find a way to turn their 15 minutes into...well, an hour! For all you reality wannabes, check out X17's handy How To Transition From Reality Star to Bona Fide Tabloid Darling in These Easy Steps!

Step One:
sextape.jpgMake a sex tape - always a classic! Deny its existence, then leak it to the public - or not! Just the suggestion of a sex tape is enough to get people talking, as long as you release a statement on how upset and angered you are!

Step Two:
nicolestephen.jpgDate someone higher on the Hollywood Food Chain than yourself. See: Stephen Colletti, Nicole Richie

Step Three:
brody.jpgDate other reality stars. Two is always more newsworthy than one! Brody Jenner is the king of this one.

Step Four:
Reality TV sanjaya.jpgSuck really, really bad. Try to compensate for lack of talent with outrageous hairdos.

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