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Eva's publicist says rumors of her client's engagement to Tony Parker being on the rocks are absolutely false and we're inclined to believe her:
“Eva and Tony are very busy planning their wedding. It is a very exciting and busy time for them. The rumors that the wedding has been called off are ridiculous and completely unfounded,” says Eva’s rep Liza Anderson.

I also spoke with a "friend" of Eva's today who said Longoria is "obsessed with Tony" and that she doesn't believe rumors, as Eva has been talking non-stop about her wedding plans and how excited she is.

So, wedding ON! Is X17 invited?

ELONGORIAMLOPEZ052007_03.jpgEva Longoria ELONGORIAMLOPEZ052007_12.jpg
With only a little over a month and a half to go before the big day, we're hearing rumors that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have called off their wedding! We're scrambling for more information as we speak, but we can confirm that Eva was back in the states looking happy as a clam yesterday - and for a dancing date with Mario Lopez, no less! The pair (along with Mario's girlfriend Karina Smirnoff) hit up the Media Arts Center for what looked to be a little DWTS practice last night, laughing and joking as they shook their collective stuff for nearly three hours. Suffice it to say, Eva was looking anything but Desperate - let alone anything like a Housewife!