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NRICHIEFENDERBENDER0528_01.jpgNRICHIEFENDERBENDER0528_40.jpgNicole Richie NRICHIEFENDERBENDER0528_09.jpgTalk about a Memorial Day weekend to remember - first Mischa Barton reportedly OD's, then Lindsay Lohan gets busted with drugs after smashing her car up, and now we're hearing that Nicole Richie hit a car last night!

Luckily for Nicole, her accident seems to be the least severe (at least superficially) of the three - we're hearing that, after filling up at a gas station at the corner of La Cienega and Holloway on her way home from Paris' Memorial Day/going-to-jail party, the slender starlet accidentally backed into a woman's Honda convertible. Both cars suffered minor damage, but that appeared to be the extent of the accident - the reports we're getting say that the incident ended with Nicole and the mystery woman hugging it out! (Let's hope Joel Madden's just as inclined to forgive - after all, that was his silver BMW 700 series sedan whose fenders Nicole bent!)