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LLOHANPARTY052507_16.jpgLindsay Lohan LLOHANCRASH052607_02.jpgSince Lindsay's crash after a night of partying early Saturday morning, Hollywood hotspots have come under attack for allowing minors to frequent their establishments. Lindsay hit up several clubs the night of her early-morning accident (see video), including Les Deux, whose owner fervently denies serving her alcohol and SkyBar. Although Mood is the only club under investigation by the Alcoholic Beverage Control for serving alcohol to minors, stemming from an incident last year, we've seen countless other underage celebrities frequenting the places made more famous by their presence. Now, we're not sure if they're actually serving liquor to these young stars once they're inside, but who should be responsible? The establishments who let these minors past the velvet rope? The parents? Or the stars themselves? Mood is staging a press conference this morning to address these issues of underage partying, celebrity privilege and responsibility. We'll bring that to you later ...