PHILTONDOWN051407_01.jpgParis Hilton PHILTONDOWN051407_08.jpgIf your answer's "no", Paris Hilton's probably pretty glad you're not sitting in the jury box for the libel suit in which she's named as the defendant - because yesterday, her shrink swore under oath that his client's recent legal woes have left her a complete wreck! is reporting that yesterday, Dr. Charles Sophy (Paris' personal psychiatrist) swore to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday that "given (Hilton's) current psychological, and emotional state ... (she's) not capable of any meaningful participation" in the civil suit currently being brought against the heiress for libel and slander by actress Zeta Graff. Haters should note that this isn't merely an easy out for the hotel heiress; Dr. Sophy furnished documents to the court proving that Paris had been seeing him for the last eight months, including several sessions since her hearing for violating her probation. She certainly looked the part as she left her house yesterday afternoon - although she did manage to pep up somewhat by the time she met her little sister at the Grove!