JSTONE050807_26.jpgJoss Stone JSTONE050807_02.jpgWith their fiftieth anniversary a little over a year away, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences took last night's big "Special Announcement" ceremony as an opportunity to deal with some unfinished business. To be perfectly honest, the ceremony itself was a bit of an eye-roller - after all, the big news was that the Grammys would be taking place (hardly news after forty-nine years!), that Quincy Jones would be the official ambassador of the 50th anniversary celebration (admittedly pretty cool - X17 yields to no blog when it comes to appreciating Q's work on Off The Wall!) and that Joss Stone would be receiving the award she'd won for R&B Performance earlier this year. Still, we're happy for Joss - and eager to see what everyone wears to the Grammys' big Five-Oh!