Kylie Minogue kyliemadonna.jpgBritney's comeback may have been taking all the headlines lately, but she's hardly the only pop star on the planet - for instance, ever hear of a lady named "Madonna" or "Kylie Minogue"? Well, over the last few days, the two titans of teenpop have been at the center of a circus of hype in Britain involving two dueling benefit concerts - Live Earth and a show honoring the memory of Princess Diana on the ten-year anniversary of her tragic death. Madonna's already committed to headline Live Earth while Kylie's going to be front and center on stage at Lady Di's memorial (although whether she'll be there as a performer or simply as a presenter hasn't been determined yet). Could this be the most heated musical power struggle to hit the British pop scene since "Country House" vs. "Roll With It"? Only time - and ticket sales - will tell!