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PHILTONGWEN050707_02.jpgPHILTONGWEN050707_03.jpgParis Hilton PHILTONGWEN050707_05.jpgParis spent what might be her last days of freedom shopping on Sunset Plaza and consorting with lesser reality stars at Pinkberry! Dressed all in white (a subtle hint at her innocence?), Paris first hit up the Virgin Megastore where she picked up a couple of Gwen Stefani dolls. Is she stocking up on valuable items to trade for a carton of ciggies or a shiv at Century Regional Detention Facility?

Then she hit Catherine Malandrino at the Sunset Plaza before stopping by the place that launched the current fro-yo craze (which Paris helped publicize, btw), Pinkberry!

Paris ran into D-Listers Janice Dickinson and Bobby Trendy at Pinkberry, both who had plenty to say (on-camera, of course) on the subject of Paris! Janice was seen whispering something in Paris’ ear before chastising the paparazzi to leave Paris alone while simultaneously angling for some camera time of her own. Bobby Trendy predicted that she wouldn’t even go to jail, at least not for more than an hour, like Zsa Zsa Gabor or “that girl from Grey's Anatomy.” Did he mean Michelle Rodriguez from Lost?

Paris looked very solemn the entire day, and when she went back home, we asked her if she planned to appeal the judge’s decision but she didn’t answer. Chin up, Paris - even if we can't help cracking a few jokes, we're all pulling for you!