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AMERICANIDOL030807_32.jpgAMERICANIDOL052307_114.jpgSimon Cowell americanidolfinale.jpgLast night's crowning of seventeen-year-old Jordin Sparks as the newest American Idol wasn't that much of a surprise (although Blake's incredibly talented, he's not exactly "Idol" material), but what was surprising was how much the show sucked! I guess it's never all that thrilling, but at least they did have Prince last year! After the last note was sung to a celeb-packed crowd and the final piece of confetti fell to the Kodak stage, the party moved down the street to the Skybar, where a ton of Idols from this and past seasons where there to congratulate the newest winner! Paula was noticeably absent, but Simon and Randy had plenty to say about the outcome. We only caught glimpses of Jordin and Blake (dodging the paps already?), but Idol castoffs Sanjaya, Melinda, LaKisha, Hayley, Brandon, Constantine, Justin and Gina all talked about their fans and their Idol experiences.

We also caught S Club 7's Rachel Stevens and Colin Farrell incognito in a hat and beard leaving the Mondrian...ya think Colin actually went to the Idol party?