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In what seems to be their weekly post-show ritual, all of the dancers and stars from DWTS were out at Parc last night! Several of her fellow reality stars had plenty to say about Paris, some of it good (Ian wished her luck), some of it not so good (Joey Fatone said “you get caught, you get caught” and Karina Smirnoff wanted to warn her not to “drop the soap”)! One of Joey's friends had a bit more, er, colorful things to say on the subject, but you're just gonna have to watch for yourself. Also at Parc were DWTS alums Stacy Keibler and Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke with boyfriend Matthew Lawrence. Meanwhile, Sharon Stone silently signed autographs at Mr. Chow while Priscilla Presley was amused that a fan asked her to sign a Jay Leno poster!