Britney Spears BSPEARSSWITCH061607_008.jpg
Alot of Britney fans have been asking what's going on with our Queen B, so here's an update:

  • Us Weekly is reporting that Britney, who finished a stint at Promises a few months ago, has resumed her party-girl ways. Although she may have had a drink or two last week and she looked like she was having fun, she certainly didn't seem drunk. And hey, at least she's smart enough to get a driver!

  • Brit may enjoy the occasional night out, but yesterday we spotted her spending some quality time with Sean and Jayden! Brit left her house around mid-day with the boys in her convertible Mercedes (this time the top was up), and took them for a drive on Ventura Blvd. in the Valley, followed by a bodyguard. She never stopped (thus, no pix), returning to her house about 30-45 minutes later.

Stay tuned to for more on Britney as soon as we have it!