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PHILTONNOTE060307_001.jpgPHILTONNOTE060307_006.jpgParis Hilton PHILTONPOLICE060307_05.jpgTo say Sunday was a busy day for Paris Hilton would be an understatement - after all, between her visit to the gym, her attendance at the MTV Movie Awards, and her early appearance to turn herself over to the authorities at the Lynwood Correctional Facility, her day was pretty much packed!

Paris' last day of freedom kicked off with a visit with her trainer, followed by a return home so the heiress could collect herself. Friends and neighbors congregated around the heiress' doorway to make their best wishes known (although some, as you can see above, had to leave a note!), as well as a predictably huge crowd of paps. Their combined effect, however, seemed to be almost as transformative as the pizza Paris bought for all the guys waiting for her big exit - when the celebutante emerged from her house, she almost seemed to have received a second wind from the show of support. And she'd need it, too: from her house, Paris went straight to the Gibson Ampitheater to make a special appearance at the MTV Movie Awards!

From there, Paris' trip took a turn for the somber, as the Hiltons switched cars to ditch the paps and turn their eldest daughter over to the care of the state in privacy. We can, however, report that she's definitely checked in to Lynwood - one of our videographers got confirmation straight from an official's mouth!