LLOHANHAT071607_01.jpgOver the past few weeks, we've seen stars ditching their skinnies in favor of the new, more comfortable wide leg/trouser jeans. We're loving the fitted thigh on Lindsay's pair and the vintage color of Paris'.

Since the skinny jean was difficult to pull off (unless you were, well, as skinny as Nicole Richie), we're expecting to see this look everywhere - from the streets, to the clubs, and even on the carpet!

Lindsay Lohan HKLUMJOHAN070807_15a.jpgSome, like Heidi Klum, have virtually worn nothing else but wide legs in weeks, sometimes looking great (with a sleek white tank), sometimes, not so much (is she going to a rave in those black pants?)

If you ARE going to attempt the wide leg look, you've got to make sure you get a pair that won't give you the Jessica Simpson effect: