LindsayVexed.jpgLinsday's camp is finally speaking out about the trials and tribulations of La Lohan, raising several interestig questions in the process. Speaking to ET, "Lohan Insider" Gina Glickman contends that Lindsay was not, in fact, chasing the mother of assistant Tarin Graham (who may have quit or been fired), that someone was chasing them. She also says that the pants Lindsay was wearing (which contained the powder) were not Lindsay's! Because of course, when you run out the door to allegedly pursue your assistant's mother in a car chase around Santa Monica, you just throw on whomever's pants are most convienient.
Lindsay Lohan LindsandDinaUgh.jpgAnd where's Dina in all this? Apparently Dina has been calling and texting her daughter non-stop to help her through this ordeal. Thank goodness she's there for her eldest in her time of need!