llohantonys.jpgLLOHANTIRED072307_23.jpgThe night before the DUI, Lindsay was seen out at Taverna Tony's and LAX, in the company of three people: Attorney (and friend of Lohan ex, Harry Morton) Mike Heller, NY Socialite Dori Cooperman and a brunette (driving Lindsay's Escalade) who may or may not be the assistant in question.

mheller.jpgAccording to our photog on the scene, Mike Heller was trying to broker a deal for Lindsay to sell photos to another agency for $30,000 that night! (She personally approached one of our photogs previously; we declined.)

llohandori.jpgFellow rehabber, Dori Cooperman, whom Lindsay met when they were both at Promises, has been seen in the company of Lohan virtually non-stop since her release from Promises. (BTW, that's the shirt we saw on Lindsay Saturday, how very SWF!) Is she a bad influence? Is Lindsay the bad influence? Or are the two of them together just toxic?

Lindsay Lohan lindsayassistant2.jpgAs for the is she or isn't she assistant - why did she quit? And what was her mother doing on the scene?

We're working hard to get you answers to these questions and more, so stay tuned to X17 for more drama!