LindsayGasps.jpgWe know, Linds. We know. It has been a craaazy week for Hollywood's troubled starlet. Scratch that, actually... a crazy couple months! Where to begin? Oh, right: Memorial Day Weekend.LindsayCrashMemorialDay.jpgFirst, there was that nasty car crash and DUI. Then X17 had those exclusive car shots of Lindsay passed out with "friend" Samantha Ronson. And we all knew where Lindsay was heading next: rehab! The actress arrived at Promises in Malibu in an attempt to get better. (For a complete rundown of Memorial Day Weekend '07, check this out for all the juicy details!)LindsayGoestoRehab.jpgSo, Linds was in rehab. Now what is there to do? That's right, exercise! (Probably a good way to avoid thinking about those knife pix surfacing...) Remember when Lindsay began working out all the time at Spectrum? Ya know, again and again? Those were the days! She also made time for the beach, a little boxing and hiking in Malibu.LindsayKeepsWorkingOut.jpgAfter Linds finished rehab, she was set free! But not completely... the actress voluntarily wore an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet to prove her sobriety. Then she celebrated her 21st birthday with a beach party - sans alcohol! And over the next few weeks, now with the ankle bracelet on, the starlet went out and partied at clubs... and not just once!LindsayParties-.jpgYou'd think the girl would be a changed woman by now. (She even turned herself in for her May DUI!) But nope. This happened early this morning...Lindsay Lohan LindsBeforeandAfter.jpgFrom rehabilitated Linds to mugshot Linds: Lohan was arrested for ANOTHER DUI, cocaine was found in her car and bail was set at $25,000. (Plus, Lindsay offered to sell X17 - and other pap agencies - photos for $30,000! Looks like she really needed the cash.) Then there was the bizarre fact that Lindsay was car-chasing her assistant's mother... just hours after the assistant quit! Finally, X17 uncovered more about Lindsay pedaling a photo deal brokered by attorney Mike Heller. And what about Lindsay's socialite pal Dori? It's almost impossible to tell who is the bad influence in situations like this!

We just hope Lindsay gets the help she needs, wherever that is. Good luck, beautiful!