BSPEARSGEISHA071507_01.jpgbritneysaturday.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSGEISHA071507_60.jpgBritney hit the town Saturday night with a girlfriend, club-hopping from Geisha House, to Element to Les Deux, where apparently, a few diehard fans got into a fight with some girls who were saying mean things about their idol, Brit! Britney pulled another quick change Saturday night - as you can see in the pix, she showed up with her hair down and wearing a belly-baring shirt, but when she left Element, she had her hair up and was wearing a wife-beater! Does this girl have a suitcase in her car, or something?

Although she may have headed out Saturday night, contrary to some other misinformed sites, Britney spent Sunday night alone. Our source says that she she left her home around 9:30 (alone, no pink wig, no bodyguard) to pick up her forgotten cell phone at the Four Seasons, then returned home, only to go back to the hotel 20 minutes later. She went home for good (where she's now staying full-time) at midnight.