AmandaBynes.jpgYou couldn't stop the beat, or escape the hairspray fumes, at the Hairspray red carpet premiere in Westwood this week. The star studded cast - featuring an array of celebrities, old and new - all showed their faces (and perfectly coiffed hair). I was lucky enough to be at the premiere myself, and Amanda Bynes - shown above, looking glamorous in green - was definitely the sweetest of the young stars. HAIRSPRAY071007_56.jpgZac Efron, on the other hand, didn't talk to many fans. Perhaps he was worried his extreme(ly fake) tan would melt if he stayed out in the sun too long?John Travolta HAIRSPRAY071007_18.jpgKelly Preston isn't in the movie, but she looks cute next to husband and star John Travolta - who stopped to sign autographs and take pics with nearly every one of his adoring fans - and the eternally stunning Michelle Pfeiffer.

The best part of the night, however, was a surprisingly raunchy line I heard come out of a 10-year-old girl. She commented - "How interesting! John Travolta: Super nice. Zac Efron: Douche!"

Lots more pictures inside!