Lindsay Lohan LLohanTired072307_2.jpg

In recent days, Lindsay has been desperate for cash ... the 21 year-old had offered to "sell" photos to X17 to the tune of $30,000! Linds had been calling and texting numerous members of Team X17 over the past week, trying to organize a way to get some money and she's been in touch with other pap agencies as well.

And it's not the first time! Lindsay offered the same type of deal to us last September, though nothing ever came of it. Apparently someone's been keeping the $$$$ away from the repeat rehabber ...

Perhaps Lindsay, or someone, exchanged $25,000 for Lindsay's release this morning -- she's out of jail and back to Promises. Their treatment didn't work the first time, why try again? Get outta town! -- Betty Ford, at least, Minnesota or Arizona even better!