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PDIDDY073007_01.jpgP. Diddy PDIDDY073007_25.jpgSay what you will about Sean "Diddy" Combs, but you certainly can't say he isn't a man of the people! Yesterday in St. Tropez, the hip-hop/fashion magnate could have given the throng of fans and paps who assembled by his yacht the cold shoulder, but opted instead to give out some cold treats, buying ice cream for everyone! Diddy even went so far as to wander through the crowd, shaking hands and posing for pictures. Heck, when he stopped by Roberto Cavalli's shop, he actually pulled one of his littler fans inside to pose for photos!

Unfortunately, Diddy's day wasn't all sweetness - there's a report in the Daily Mirror which alleges that later that night, Kim Stewart stole his car! Or, rather, "stole" his car - the actress allegedly simply took it out for a spin without letting its owner know as a joke. Diddy, however, didn't see the humor in the situation - according to the article, the rapper had his entourage combing the streets looking for his seven hundred thousand dollar car!