Owen Wilson KHUDSONOWILSON051107_hosp.jpg

Owen Wilson has been hospitalized after a "serious incident" on Sunday, according the Star. Sources close to Wilson, according to the mag's website, say he is being treated for "a very serious condition" and that the prognosis at first was bad but his condition has been upgraded.

He was rushed to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica and was, according to the Star, listed as "dehydrated." Apparently he will go through detox, however, at a different hospital, to which he is now being transferred.

UPDATE - The National Enquirer is now reporting that Owen Wilson attempted suicide earlier today by slitting his wrists and taking pills. The magazine's website said a family member discovered him and called an ambulance around noon. The report says a a criminal defense attorney was on hand at the hospital, along with family members, who was believed to be working for Wilson.