SAM082707_01.jpgBritney Spears SAM082707_02.jpgSeveral other news media outlets are reporting that Britney's friend and associate, who revealed the details of his scary experience xclusively to X17 last night, (in which he alleges that five men in three different cars surrounded him), is actually the suspect in the assault with a deadly weapon (a vehicle) report filed in Venice last night. The LAPD Pacific Detective Division is handling the ongoing investigation into who is actually at fault. We've put in a call to Kevin's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan and are awaiting his response as well as a statement from Sam regarding these new accusations. We'll bring you his xclusive response as soon as we have it.

UPDATE - Sam says he spoke with Office Mike Lopez of the LAPD today and it's actually Mark Vincent Kaplan's process servers who are the focus of this investigation. Calls to his and his publicists office have not been returned.

Sam also says he will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who are guilty of what he calls entrapment and assault with a deadly weapon against him. He also claims Kaplan's people were shooting video throughout the incident yesterday and suggests there may be a reason Kaplan has not released the tapes.

We'll bring you more on this story as it develops ...