BritneyCrying092107.jpgBSPEARSCRYING092107_13.jpgBritney Spears BSPEARSCRYING092107_19.jpgIt's definitely been a rough week for our girl Brit, what with ex-bodyguard Tony and judge Scott M. Gordon's list of rules to be followed. In the midst of all this, Britney hired herself a new attorney and visited the office yesterday... where she had to start from the beginning and tell her life story. (K-Fed, the kids, the separation - everything!) And, understandably, this got her upset. To top it off, when she and Alli left there was paparazzi chaos outside and Alli wound up breaking her toenail. Considering the situation, Brit actually handled herself pretty well - I mean, how can you not cry a little after talking about all that?