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Brit's ex-bodyguard, Tony "broke his silence" on The Today Show in an interview with Matt Lauer. Some of his revelations include:

He's "not out to destroy Britney [he's] doing this for the kids!" Of course, the publicity and subsequent book deal couldn't hurt, either!

Tony claims to have seen Britney doing drugs on three occasions, twice in an LA nightclub and once in a hotel room, but never in front of her children.

Tony and his lawyer, Gloria Allred, claim that Tony is doing this for no other reason than the fact that he is a father of two small children, himself, and despite the fact that he was fired after only two months of employment, he is not a disgruntled employee! But if Tony really believed Sean Preston and Jayden James were in danger, why is he only speaking out about it now??

So where's Britney while her ex-employee is making all these claims public? X17 can report Xclusively that Britney, Alli and a friend took off for the weekend for a little R&R in Atlanta! No business meetings, no music producers, just girl talk, TV, and room service in their hotel room!