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Owen Wilson KHUDSON071907_01.jpgThroughout this whole Owen Wilson ordeal, it's worth remembering that he's not the only one suffering - Kate Hudson, for instance, must have been scared to death when she heard the news about her former boyfriend. Unfortunately, it sounds like relief's a long way off for Kate - the Daily News is reporting that Wilson's family is doing their best to keep Kate away! "Kate has been trying to get in touch with Owen and is distraught that the family doesn't want her anywhere near him," a friend of Hudson is quoted as saying. "She is very frustrated." Most embarassing of all for Kate, however, has to be the fact that Owen's clearly receiving company - as you can see in this video from yesterday, he's had at least one blonde lady over to visit. So far, Kate's stayed quiet, but it's pretty obvious that this issue's affecting her personal life - we ran into her mother Goldie Hawn last night, and even she found the subject too painful to discuss. Poor Kate!