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X17 confirmed it first via a Britney insider, but now we've got it straight from the pop star's mouth, herself! Britney admitted last night, xclusively to X17, that she is indeed gearing up for a performance at this Sunday's VMAs!

Britney Spears BSPEARSCRISS0905_04.jpg
Yesterday was a long day for Ms. Spears - after picking up magician Criss Angel at his hotel, the two took a drive out to an auditorium on a college campus east of Los Angeles - are the two getting schooled on some fancy new tricks for their upcoming VMA performance? After leaving the campus, Britney stopped by a store where, when we asked her if she's getting ready for the VMAs, she said she was "tryin'"! The pop princess, looking adorable with her hair swept off her face then told us she wasn't feeling too good and asked us to make her look "pretty". Not hard to do, Brit! Then, she gave a shout-out to X17 before getting ready to make the drive back home. Hope she's feeling better before her big comeback on Sunday!