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Ryan Seacrest woke Britney up this morning to talk to her on air live (on KIIS FM) about the release of her new album, how she celebrated its official release, and what her plans for Halloween are!

On Blackout:
Britney cited "Heaven on Earth" as her favorite track, because it's "different from all the other ones."

On how she celebrated her album's release last night:
Britney said she spent a quiet night at home with Alli and Sam, eating "fried chicken and cookies" and watching a movie.
She didn't mention the tour bus that X17 photogs spotted at her house last night, but we're hoping to find out what that's all about soon!

On her Halloween plans:
Alli said they plan on party-hopping around Beverly Hills tonight, but would not divulge what other costume Britney plans on donning for the holiday.

Guess we'll just have to find out tomorrow!

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview!