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BSPEARSSHOP102107_44.jpgBSPEARSSHOP102107_10.jpgShopping and pulling goofy faces can really wear a girl out - just ask Britney Spears! After a long day of shopping at the Beverly Center and slipping the paps some tongue, Brit had to make a pit stop at Starbucks yesterday afternoon. The pop princess remained in the car while Sam ran in for coffee - although given how long her faithful friend was detained inside (not to mention the attitude of some of the other paps asking her questions), she might have regretted her decision to stay put!

Britney Spears BSPEARSSHOP102107_38.jpgHowever, Britney's delay was our gain, as the Cajun cutie let it slip from her freshly-plumped lips that Blackout has a release date - it'll be coming out in December! Looks like everyone's holidays just got that much more cheerful...