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Orlando Bloom orlandocrashcollage.jpgX17 was on the scene with Orlando Bloom Thursday night, before, during and after the scary incident that allegedly left two women injured.

Orlando was first spotted by X17 photogs at West Hollywood eaterie, Ita Cho, around 10pm. Orlando appeared to be in a great mood, even giggling when a photog asked if Jennifer Aniston "made a good traveling companion!" (Better than Jessica Simpson? Apparently so!)

Then, the actor made his way over to Hollywood hot spot Green Door, where an X17 inside source witnessed Orlando partying with friends at a table with "a bottle of Grey Goose," and was "concerned" when the source saw him "definitely stumbling" on the way out. The source even saw Orlando take a shot before he left the club around 2am.

Orlando first headed to a car to have an intense discussion with a man in the front seat, while a woman in the back just buried her face in her hands. Upon leaving the car, Orlando could be heard telling the woman "I didn't realize he was your boyfriend!" Hmmm, what could that have been about?

Our photogs noticed he was being "uncharacteristically friendly", and when Orlando stooped down to pick up a pap's keys, our guy said he "thought he smelled alcohol on his breath."

Then, Orlando got into the passenger seat of the Matrix, with a brunette woman in the driver's side (he would later switch seats with the driver just before the accident), a blonde woman passed out in the backseat.

After driving west on Sunset, then turning around and going east on Sunset, the driver pulled over and let Orlando take over the wheel.

Soon after, Orlando made a sudden U-turn on Fountain, when X17 photogs say he almost hit another car. But it wasn't until Orlando attempted a left turn onto Vista that he hit the parked Porsche Cayenne.

Orlando began to walk away from the crash, but after some prodding from another photog on the scene, decided to turn around and go back to the car, where the two female passengers apparently sustained some injuries. A few minutes later, emergency services showed up to look after the victims, at which point all three climbed into an ambulance and headed off to the hospital, where they stayed the remainder of the night.

Since then, Orlando's been laying low - his only communication with the outside world so far has been a statement issued by his rep. We've still got our ears peeled for the latest developments in this story - and we'll make sure to keep you posted!