keith1.jpgAfter the crashkeith5.jpgThe bike's skidmarks

It's been widely report that country singer (and Mr. Nicole Kidman) Keith Urban was involved in a motorcycle accident in Sydney Monday, on his way to an AA meeting. Although several outlets have claimed that Keith crashed due to the fact that he was being pursued by a paparazzo, X17 has the real story behind the crash:

According to Peter Carrette, the owner of ICON Pictures (the photo agency who employed the photographer in question), Keith has been spotted driving like a "maniac" over the past several days. In fact, they even caught him driving the wrong way down a one-way street several days earlier! For this reason, the photographer was following Keith on his new Harley at a safe distance, staying several cars behind him on a small Suzuki. In fact, at the time the crash occured, the photographer didn't even witness the accident, as he was around the corner from Keith. It was only after he heard the sound of the bike going off the road that he realized something had happened. Instead of starting to snap away immediately, ICON's photog rushed to help Keith up before taking these XCLUSIVE pix. The photog says that Keith didn't appear to be hurt at all, he even signed some autographs for fans before getting back on his bike and driving home.

Keith Urban keith6.jpgKeith driving the wrong way down a one-way street on the 26th